About Democratic Socialist

Members of the Democratic Socialist movement believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically—to meet public needs. Our effort is in line with Social Democratic ideals which have traditionally sought to establish humane reforms within a capitalist system, not to eradicate it. For details please visit Policies We Support.

Goals of the Democratic Socialist Movement:

  • Economic stability - individual and collective
  • Boosting the development of small businesses;
  • Utilization of the productive resources of large businesses;
  • Humanization of labor relations and reducing massive unemployment;
  • Full Employment
  • Eliminating poverty
  • Real participatory democracy
  • Social peace, national and supranational
  • Diminishing the role of the political class
  • Promoting meritocracy (system in which advancement is based on individual ability);
  • Protecting the environment;
  • Supreme virtues of humanity (right to life, to work, to knowledge, health, happiness)