"Ben Shapiro suggests #BlackLivesMatter is not justified"

Best response:

Why are blacks arrested up to eight times more often for marijuana than whites, when the usage is nearly identical [1]? Why in 2011, did NYC police stop-and-frisk 684,000 people where "the vast majority of ... were African-American or Latino [2]."




  1. The video starts with Ben suggesting BLM and the riots are one and the same. There is probably overlap, but you wouldn't compare the Planned Parenthood shooter to all Christians.

    Then, amongst a number of questions he asks "Explain to me why the number of black kids in prison ... is so high?"

    Racial injustice. That is exactly why BLM exists. 'One in every three black males born today can expect to go to prison at some point in their life, compared with ... one in every 17 white males, if current incarceration trends continue. [1]' Is it because black men are inherently bad people, or can they be targeted more often?

    While black and white men use marijuana at similar rates, a disturbing trend exists that black men get arrested at a much higher rate, I believe I heard 3 or 4 times more nationally. In some places - the trend is much higher "In the state with the biggest (disparity), Iowa, blacks are 8.34 times more likely to be arrested. D.C. has the second biggest; in the District, blacks are 8.05 times more likely to be arrested. [2]"

    Ben said: "The idea that there is a huge number of black young men who are being shot for no reason by police officers, is not statistically true... if you are a white man in a similar confrontation with police you have a better chance of being shot by police than if you are a young black man. More white men are shot by the police in the country than young black men are shot in the country."

    Ben Shapiro uses deceptive wording. Politifact rated a similar statement...

    Politifact: "Medved said that police kill more whites than blacks. In absolute terms, that is accurate. However, the statement ignores that there are more than five times more whites than blacks in America. When comparing death rates, blacks are about three times more likely than whites to die in a confrontation with police. Medved’s statement leaves out significant information that would change someone’s understanding of the topic. [3]"

    Ben continues to suggest: "The idea that there is a spate (is false), there is an easy proof, we know all their names".

    This is likely referring to stories that garner national attention, mainly due to the severity of outcome, or that video evidence exists. This doesn't consider the incidents that go unreported, not captured on video, or are not as viral as Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, or Sandra Bland. To suggest those 26 examples are the only incidents that display racial injustice is simply wrong. In 2011, NYC police stopped-and-frisked 684,000 people. "The vast majority of these people were African-American or Latino [4]."






How would you respond to someone saying "Ben Shapiro suggests #BlackLivesMatter is not justified"?