"Bernie will tax us to death"

Best response:

Bernie has explained how he plans to pay for each and every policy proposed [1] and its not raising taxes substantially. In fact only two proposed policies raise taxes on the Middle Class:

  • a) Paid family and medical leave
  • b) Expand health care coverage to every American

a) Would cost "$1.61 a week for the typical American worker" which adds up to be under $85/yr

b) While this does raise taxes, the average American saves. Why? Because America's health care costs are probably the most expensive in the world [2] while not even close to being rated the best. "U.S. spends 3 times per capita what the U.K. spends on health care [3]".

What's going on? For-profit insurance. Bernie is proposing to rid our expensive heath care system of insurance which will lower costs significantly. You will see an increase in taxes, but they will be nothing compared to the amount you no longer will need to spend on health care. You can calculate your savings here: which can be to the tune of $5000. Spoiler. you will save, so long as your income is under $250K.





How would you respond to someone saying "Bernie will tax us to death"?