"Democratic Socialism will take away our freedom"

Best response:
The only freedoms Democratic Socialism takes away are the freedoms of the rich to exploit the worker or the freedom to concentrate power for one person.


  1. Democratic Socialism is often confused with hardcore and radical Communism and Socialists. Democratic Socialism is, simply the best of both worlds: the freedom, free speech and unquestioned human rights and values from a typical democracy, coupled with the efficient and corruption free economy and governments from a typical socialist country.

    An ideal Social Democracy does not mean that people cannot make their own money or create businesses, nor does it mean that people have no right to speak freely for example. Instead it means that high end corporations such as banks would be run and administered by the government - the key aims will not be to make high profits, not to keep the dosh flowing into CEO's pockets, but to create an efficent and funtional banking system for the people. This would enable millons to succesfully start businesses, make money and live their own lives. Hospitals and other services would be also run by the government. This would likewise change the aims from financial orientated (which some are!) to more functional and better services.


How would you respond to someone saying "Democratic Socialism will take away our freedom"?