"Socialism hurts small business"

Best response:
Under Democratic Socialism there will be low-interest loans available to small businesses. If a person has a dream of opening up a small business they won’t need to worry about being squashed by big corporations because there won’t be any big corporations. Big corporations are the enemy of entrepreneurship.


  1. This question concerns only small business, and I do not deny that there may occasionally be some workers who manage to save up enough, out of their wages, to start up a small business. But it should be clearly understood that this question concerns exceptional cases, operating on the margins of the economy. For that matter, even small businesses today are often started primarily on the basis of bank loans, not a workers' savings.

    They struggle daily to keep their small businesses alive, competing with the most ruthless exploiters of wage and labor. Frequently, the small businesses are at the mercy of larger corporations, and are not really "independent" owners. Many are but adjuncts to larger firms that own or control the "chains" of retail outlets, restaurants, real estate offices, etc. And small businesses generally are, at best, left with but a small share of the surplus value contained in the commodities they sell, after they pay their suppliers, bank and other creditors, landlords and the political state.

    Democratic Socialism will not mean ruin and destitution for small business owners. On the contrary, they will become workers in a society in which all workers would be entitled to work, and to receive the full social value of what they produce without being at the mercy of large powerful corporations.


How would you respond to someone saying "Socialism hurts small business"?