"Democratic Socialists are against democracy and for a dictatorship"

Best response:
The two-party “democratic” system under capitalism is in fact a dictatorship of the rich. Under it, working people create all the wealth, but capitalists—who own the corporations and banks—have all the economic power and use it to control politics. That fact never changes, even if we have the right to vote. We get to vote on who will oppress us next, while all the important decisions are made in executive boardrooms. Under socialism, society’s vast resources cannot be privately hoarded. They are used and distributed according to a plan that the working class and its organizations decide. Because wealth will not be concentrated in the hands of a tiny elite, it creates the basis for genuine democracy — real “rule of the people” — for the first time.


  1. The Dictatorship argument comes up now and then because people believe that the Nazis were also Democratic Socialists.

    Nazi party’s full name was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. First and foremost, the Nazis loudly opposed democracy, they were also opposed to emancipating the workers, giving them the rights to vote and to organize in unions.

    The Nazis were NOT Democratic Socialists, The Nazis were never democrats and never real socialists either. Democratic Socialism is based on democracy and has nothing to do with a Dictatorship.


How would you respond to someone saying "Democratic Socialists are against democracy and for a dictatorship"?